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The Current Genre for Issue # 24 (to be released November 1, 2010) is

Characters of Color

People of color are dramatically underrepresented in speculative fiction. So for our second annual oversized "end-of-year" issue, we've chosen Characters of Color as the theme. All main characters must be characters of color. This applies to both fiction and artwork.

We will consider submissions from everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity – what we're looking for are characters of color. Everyone is encouraged to submit their work!

The stories do not have to focus on the character's ethnicity, but it must be clear from the content/context of the story that the MC is a character of color. We are not interested in stereotyped, derogatory or racist caricatures. (This does not mean that you can't address issues like racism and stereotyping in your stories.)

Remember, this is a double-sized issue. We're looking for about 10 stories for the issue! We're also interested in articles, comics, artwork, reviews, interviews, etc. so long as they're about the theme. We have our cover art but otherwise we're open to almost anything. Tell your friends!

Submissions for Issue 24 will be accepted until 11:59 pm US EST on September 30.

Upcoming Genres

We've decided to give people a peek ahead at the next handful of genres we'll be doing, to give more time for writers to produce a story that matches our guidelines.

Do not submit stories to Upcoming Genres! We only accept submissions to the Current genre (above, in big, colorful letters). Submissions to Upcoming genres will be discarded without notice. This is for the sake of efficiency as well as our own sanity. Just hang onto the story until the genre becomes Current.

Coming next:

Celebration (Submissions: October 2010 / Publication: December 2010)

Opposites (Submissions: November 2010 / Publication: January 2011)

Tragedy (Submissions: December 2010 / Publication: February 2011)

Superhero (Submissions: January 2011 / Publication: March 2011)

Mystery (Submissions: February 2011 / Publication: April 2011)